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... but I just made it onto the Pixiv daily rankings!

Pixiv-sempai noticed me! There are people in the land of anime who look at my drawings!

Okay I'll shut up now.
Send me a screenshot if you catch it :)

Btw, have you been watching Samurai Flamenco? It's like Kick-Ass anime style. Check it out!
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If you aren't watching it yet, it's definitely worth checking it out!
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Hey guys, is anyone interested in watching me livestream?  I have to figure things out so I don't know if I'll even do one, but if I do it'll be on a weekend.
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Hello friends!  I've decided to put my art on yet another site...

If you have a tumblr feel free to follow me... granted you don't bored of seeing the same art twice.  The more ways to connect with other artists the better!  Yeaaaa

My tumblr:

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So if anyone is still watching me, I'm back for the month of January.  I'll probably disappear again once classes start at the end of the month, so let's see what I can do during the next few weeks.

I've got some old sketches I can post, as well as some new ideas floating around my head.  I'll take a few pencil sketch requests, so if you're interested let me know, and act quickly... I've already got one or two lined up.

Hope everyone had a great New Years!  I guess my resolution for this year is to make more art :D
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man, i've been so busy lately haven't had time to update this account for months!  ugh, why am I stilll in school....

to those of you still watching, thanks for sticking with me!  i hope to be back in a few months with at least a few sketches, so see you then!  hope everyone's enjoying their summer :D
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Well, now that finals are over, be on the lookout for new uploads as I catch up on two months of drawings!
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Hey people!  Man, it's been a while... Sorry for the total lack of updates.  Grad school turns out to be a lot busier than I expected!  I tried to go through my messages and respond to the important things, but please don't feel bad if I missed something... there were literally tens of thousands of messages in there!  (on that note, feel free to send me a note if I forgot to respond to you)

Now that I've caught up in my classes I hope to post something every week or so (forget three times a week pshh).  Crossing my fingers!

I don't have time to do commissions anymore but I will do requests... very slowly.  So shoot me a note if you have an idea for one my sketches.  Also, there are veryyy limited spots for requests.  I still have to finish dawniechan's contest prize... (it's almost there! just have to do the background!)

Anyways, as always, thanks for watching!

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I know I don't really submit things that often, but I'll be taking a two week break from drawing while I get ready for the new semester.  I'll still be coming online of course =)
Update to the update:
:iconcrisisdragonfly: is in a bit of a jam and she's trying to raise some money by doing commissions.  She's quite good with anime/anthro/sonic art and definitely worth checking out.  See this post… for details.

the Poll:

grrrr... I can't do polls without a premium....

anyways, I want to ask you people if you think my prices for commissions are fair.  See…
comment below please ^^

and the update:

I'm opening up one slot for a request and one slot for an art trade! :D

R:  :icons-shirogane:


First to claim a slot in the comments takes it! gogogo

AND I'll feature three people here until whenever I feel like posting a new journal XD




Comment now! DO IT!
Probably no one reads this, but I'm back, after half a year of being too busy!

Feel free to friend or watch me!  Sometimes I can be shy so you can take the initiative, haha

If you're interested in an art trade or commission, let me know!
Ra Ra ah-ah-ah-
ah~ Roma Roma ma-ah
Ga Ga oo la lah

(There's no way I'm the first one who thought of this, however lame it is...)
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DA has so many surprises!

Although I've been a member for a year, I didn't start using my account until a couple months ago.  And even then I didn't do much more than upload pictures...  But! recently I've been exploring more of the site and getting familiar with the DA culture.

Today I learned: that you can customize your profile, that you can make folders, and how to use emoticons! :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:

Yes, all of these things are pretty intuitive and the buttons are placed in obvious locations...  I guess I just don't pay attention to these things.

well, more exploring to do
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